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Classifiers are the Officials responsible for the classification of disabled sailors in the sport of sailing. Individuals with both medical and sailing knowledge such as Physicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other allied medical professionals trained in the US Sailing Functional Classification System (FCS) for sailing are eligible to become classifiers.

The purpose of classifying athletes is to "level the playing field" and rank persons with disabilities on their function and performance of sailing tasks. This ranking of sailors is like the ranking of athletes in other sports such as weight classes in wrestling.  

The US Sailing Functional Classification System measures the sailor's ability in order to:

  • Enable fair and equitable competition at all levels, for mildly, moderately and severely disabled sailors;
  • In some vessel formats, encourage crews of mixed disability, from mild to severe, to compete together and complement each other;
  • Only measure functional limitations caused by physical disability;
  • Not be affected by the sailing skills, training or talent of the participant.

US Sailing Classifications are valid for a Paralympic Quadrennium. Find out more by reading the US Sailing Functional Classification System Manual.
The US Sailing Master List contains all the names of athletes who have been classified.
To review the names, Class and Status of Classified athletes open the "Master Classification List" page below or click here.

Eligibility for participating in disabled sailing events is determined by the Classification process.Classification is required for all US SAILING Team Sperry TopSider (USSTSTS) qualifiers and the US Disabled Sailing Champioinships

Classification is strongly suggested for all other US Disabled sailors.