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Classifier Training and Certification

Physicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other allied health care professionals with a knowledge of sailing and training in the US Sailing Functional Classification System are eligible to become classifiers. Although the need is great, there are very few US Sailing Certified National Classifiers. US Sailing must build a team of Certified National Classifiers to serve this need and expand access to disabled sailing.

Presently, America has a relatively small number of disabled athletes participating in our sport. Given America's population, the number of Americans with disabilities and the participation rates of other industrialized countries, America could have nearly 1,000 athletes participating. US Sailing has fewer than 100 Classified disabled sailors. We believe if we build it, they will come. We need your help.

If you are a member of US Sailing, have racing experience, have a medical background, are interested in giving something back to the sport you love and want to help the disabled, consider becoming a US Sailing Classifier.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified US Sailing National Classifier please contact the Classifiers Committee Classifiers@USSAILING.org . US Sailing offers several Classification Seminars each year. The schedule for these events may be reviewed by clicking on the Classifier Training Seminars to the left or clicking HERE.

A Classifier Training Seminar Notice may be viewed by clicking HERE. You may apply for participation in Classifier Training by submitting an Application for attendance at the course. An Application Form may be viewed by clicking HERE.

If your application is approved by the US Sailing Chief National Classifier, you may register and pay for the Training Seminar ($150) on the Regatta Network web site by Clicking HERE  or copying the following web site into your browser: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=8299

For detailed information about Training and Certification please refer to Part C, Section C1 of the US Sailing Functional Classification System and Procedures Manual. The US Sailing  FCS Manual may be reviewed by clicking HERE.

The US Sailing FCS is based on the IFDS Functional Classification System and Procedures Manual 2013 2016, adapted for use in America. You may review all the IFDS documents on their web site: http://www.sailing.org/sailors/disabled/competition.php 

There is a path to becoming an International IFDS Classifier defined in these IFDS documents. The first step is to become a Certified US Sailing Classifier.

If you need more information, feel free to contact any member of the US Sailing Classifier Committee. The contact information for Committee is on this web site and may be viewed by clicking HERE.