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Classifiers are the US Sailing Race Administration Officials that determine the Disabled Athlete's Class and Status for participation in sanctioned US Disabled Sailing events. Other US Disabled Sailing Race Administration Officials include the members of the  "Sailors with Disabilities Committee" (click here) and the "US Disabled Championship Committee" (click HERE). For more information about Disabled Sailing, visit the Adaptive Sailing page (click HERE) listed on the US Sailing Home Page.

Please contact the US Sailing Classifiers Committee ( Classifiers@USSAILING.org ) to find a classifier in your area. As the Classification Committee determines the list of events at which Classification opportunities will occur, the events will be listed on the Events page.

Finding a classifier is difficult. Although the need is great, there are very few US Sailing Certified National Classifiers. US Sailing must build a team of Certified National Classifiers to serve this need and expand access to disabled sailing.

Presently, America has a relatively small number of disabled athletes participating in our sport. Given America's population, the number of Americans with disabilities and the participation rates of other industrialized countries, America could have nearly 1,000 athletes participating. US Sailing has fewer than 50 Classified disabled sailors. We believe if we build it, they will come.

If you are a member of US Sailing, have racing experience, have a medical background, are interested in giving something back to the sport you love and want to help the disabled, consider becoming a US Sailing Classifier. See the Classifier Training and Certification page below or click here for more information.