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Master Classification List

The Master list of Individuals who have applied for and received a Disabled Sailing Classification from US Sailing and have paid the US Disabled Sailing Master List Administration Fee.

The Classification Scheduling and Master List Administration Fee: The US Sailing "Regatta Network" web site manages a two part Classification process. The first screen allows Classification Scheduling. The second screen allows payment of the $50 US Sailing Master List Administration Fee. Scheduling and Fee Payment are independent processes so be sure to complete both. The athlete will not be considered "Eligible to Compete" until: the scheduling form is completed; Classification conducted with assignment of Class and Status: and, payment using the Administrative Fee screen is confirmed.

Master List Administration Fee: There is no charge for the Functional Assessment provided by US Sailing National Classifiers. US Sailing charges a one-time per Paralympic Quadrennium Master List Administration Fee of $50. This fee will be paid on-line at the disabled sailing event at the time of Classification. The athlete may use any available Internet access port to connect with the Regatta Network US Sailing Fee Payment Form. The Master List Administration Fee form may be accessed by clicking HERE or signing onto the Internet site below:

It is the Athlete's Responsibility to Confirm Eligibility to Compete: The Athlete and the Event Planning Committee should confirm the athlete's Eligibility to Compete prior to any US Disabled Sailing Championship or other major Sanctioned Event. Please review the Class, Status and Administration Fee confirmation for the listed athletes in the Disabled Sailing Master List below. The payment confirmation column may be viewed to the far right of the form.