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Become a Senior Judge

To be certified as a US Sailing Senior Judge, a candidate shall:

  1. meet all of the qualifications for US Sailing Judge;
  2. have served on juries in at least three Class B or C events at the national or international level during the last four years;
    1. at least one of these events must be OUTSIDE the candidate's primary US Sailing Area(* see below)
  3. have served capably as chief judge in at least three events during the last four years;
  4. (for initial appointment only) be highly recommended by:
    1. at least 1 US Sailing Senior Judge or an ISAF International Judge;
    2. at least 2 additional US Sailing judges.
    3. One of these references must be from a judge from outside the candidate's primary US Sailing Area who has worked with the candidate in an event outside the candidate's primary US Sailing Area.
  5. be qualified to judge a regatta of the highest level anywhere in the U.S.

Process for applying for certification as a US Sailing Senior Judge

  1. Candidates who are unsure of their qualifications and experience should consult with their Regional Administrative Judge (RAJ) prior to submitting an application. The RAJ can provide assistance in obtaining additional training and experience. 
  2. The requirements for national or international should be met at events that have national and international level exposure and have a high level of expectation in the expertise and quality of the jury.  Some events with "National" or "International" in their title may not meet this requirement, while other events that do not have "National" or "International" in their title could be eligible.  Please consult with your RAJ for what might or might not be sufficient.
  3. Complete an application for certification (Word, PDF) and submit it to your RAJ.
  4. Once submitted, the RAJ will obtain completed reference forms from the references cited by the applicant in their application.  A copy of the reference form is available online (Word, PDF).
  5. Once the references are completed, the RAJ will finish processing the application in accordance with the Regional Administrative Judges' Manual (PDF).

  (*) NOTE on "out of area event" requirement:  The intent of this requirement is for a Senior Judge candidate to have had experience working in "unfamiliar" territory. Such a regatta would be held far enough from the judge's home so that the racing venue and the host club are essentially unfamiliar to the judge. The regatta therefore requires them to work with key personnel that they do not know well (such as other members of the protest committee, the PRO, the organizing authority). An event that meets the intent of this requirement but is within the judge's home Area may be used with the approval of the judge's RAJ.  (approve by Judges Committee, Oct, 2005)