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Host's Request for Reimbursement for a Race Official Seminar

Directions: After your seminar is complete, please answer all applicable questions below and press Submit. If you have questions or need assistance, call Race Administration at (401) 683-0800.

Please remember that US Sailing collects $25 per participant for each seminar. The remaining balance of the registration fees will be reimbursed to the host on submission of this form.

The information on this form should match the information on the Preliminary Hosting Form that you completed to schedule your seminar.

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Type of seminar:
Date seminar began:
Pick date
Host location (yacht club or other venue):
Name and phone number of seminar contact person:
Email address of contact person:
Payee's name and address (to whom and where we should send the check):
Number of registered participants:
Registration fee:
Number of walk-in participants (not pre-registered):
Amount due to US Sailing for walk-ins (number of walk-ins * $25):
Reimbursement for registered participants (# of participants * (Fee - $25)):
Total reimbursement due to host (reimbursement for registered participants - amount due to US Sailing for walk-ins):
Has the instructor reported the test scores to the Race Administration office? (Required before reimbursement will be processed.)
Please list the name and US Sailing member ID number* of anyone who joined the seminar as a walk-in:
* All participants in US Sailing race, judge or umpire seminars must be US Sailing members.
Please feel free to comment here on the process of planning the seminar, registration, materials, or anything else you may have a comment about:

Thank you for hosting a judge seminar. After you submit this form, it will be processed within two weeks. If you have not received reimbursement within 30 days, please call the Race Administration office at (401) 683-0800.

Thank for your contributions to the sport of sailing.