Race Officers


Seminar Instructors

The Race Management Committee's subcommittee on Race Officer Training and Certification has appointed instructors to teach its One-Day and Advanced (two-day) race management seminars. These seminars are a part of US Sailing’s race officer training and certification programs.

People are appointed as instructors based on their level of race officer certification, demonstrated capability and experience as instructors, and willingness to serve.

Organizations that wish to host a seminar should review the guidelines for hosting a race management seminar, and contact their Area Race Officer. The host organization may select any instructor from the list, and should contact the selected instructor directly to make the arrangements. All seminars require the approval of the Area Race Officer, and advanced seminars also require approval from the Race Officer and Training Subcommittee, before being scheduled or publicized. The Area Race Officer should be sure that the seminar details are posted on the US Sailing calendar as soon as the seminar is approved.