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Forms, Diagrams, Equipment, etc.

  • Guide to Simplified Sailing Instructions 
    US SAILING provides this guide to writing simple sailing instructions for events such as club or local regattas. For a guide to sailing instructions for more complex events, such as world, national, or class championships, consult Appendix L of The Racing Rules of Sailing.

  • Equipment Lists- From Race Management Training & Commercialy Availablel

  • Flags For Race Signals

  • Course Diagrams

  • Competition Formats - Boat Rotation Documents
    The following documents were extracted from Chapter 5 of the "RACE MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK" and are being provided as a service by the Race Management Committee.

    Other Forms and Worksheets: 


    • ezTrap is a new and unique spreadsheet tool that supports Trapezoid, Optimist, and Triangle race courses, and is compliant with international guidelines. Among the many features are: Instantaneous calculation of the Latitudes & Longitudes of all marks and pins; Length and headings of all course segments; Bearings and distance of marks to/from the RC boat; and, Sizing the course longer/shorter based on target race time. ezTrap has been developed as a MS Excel spreadsheet that is very easy to use, and will work anywhere in the world. Sample displays and more information are available on the website.