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Course Diagrams

Most of the following course diagrams are all in universal JPG format that can be imported into  word processor programs such as Word and WordPerfect. Some of the diagrams are in Word documents and can be copied from the one document and pasted into another document and a few are in Excel format. A pdf file can be include as an attachment in the Sailing Instructions. In addition the JPG diagrams can be edited using commonly available programs used for image and picture editing. A few course diagrams have been included in Set # 7 that are in MS Visio Format. A JPEG image for each Visio diagram has also been included for those who do not have Visio. Note that there are now eight sets of course diagrams included in the collection - scroll down! Please contact the US Sailing with additional course diagram material you feel would be useful to include on this page.

Set 1 - Course Diagrams From Race Management Handbook

Set 2 - Course Diagrams From Gulf Yachting Association

     The first five files include a course name in the picture:

    The following files do not include the name of the course (add with word processor) and are cropped such that they are smaller to start with.

Set 3 - Course Diagrams For Team Racing Events 

Set 4 - Course Diagrams For Multihull Events 

Set 5 - Course Diagrams From Current "The Racing Rules of Sailing"

Set 6 - Other Course Diagrams

Set 7 - Course Diagrams in MS Visio (vsd) with jpg image

Set 8 - Excel Spreadsheet Course Diagrams