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Commercial Equipment Descriptions

  • Propane Cannon (PDF)
    C. Frensch, Ltd., 4774 Hinan Drive, Beamsville,
    Ontario, Canada L0R 1B1

  • Short handed on the RMC boat? Regatta Pro-Start (RPS) is an automatic starting signal which relieves the race committee  of the demanding task of keeping time for signaling and allows them to pay closer attention to the start line.  See Regatta Pro-Start web site for information.

  • Another automatic starting signal device, this one from the UK. AutoHoot sound signal controller for starting sailing races. Switch it on at the first signal and the first horn sounds, all subsequent signals will then sound automatically on time. Full details can be found at :  AutoHoot_small_logo

  • The Ollie Wallock Race Start Machine, Completely automatic and self powered  race sequence signaling device.  Because the device is completely self powered and self contained it  is a little more expensive. Site has a nifty demo of 5 minute start on it. WARNING, believe them when they say the sound is loud!