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Scoring Programs

Members of the Race Management Committee, and others within US SAILING have evaluated the following programs. The evaluations are provided as a service to members of US Sailing and the sailing community through US SAILING. No warrantees of any type are implied. US SAILING does not specifically endorse one program over another, but encourages users to consider all aspects of any program before selecting it for use, including ease of use, documentation, ongoing support and compatibility/ability to upload and download data for evaluation and distribution. If program authors are interested in having their programs evaluated and included in this listing a copy of the program and compete documentation should be sent to Scoring Program Review or to UNITED STATES SAILING ASSOCIATION, Attn: Race Scoring Programs Evaluation, P.O. Box 1260, 15 Maritime Dr., Portsmouth, RI 02871-6051.

Scoring Programs Listing

Program Name

Operating System

Handicap Systems Scored


Hal's Race Results


Portsmouth Yardstick, IRC, IRM, Small Cat, SBR, CYCA, ECHO and IHS, One Design
Java Score

Windows, Mac, OS X, Unix, Linux, Solaris

One Design, PHRF (TOT&TOD), Portsmouth, MORC, CBYRA Multihull


PHRF, Portsmouth, IOR, MORC, IRC
Race Log


One Design, Level Racing (in compliance except for DGM status)

Windows, Mac

 One Design, PHRF (TOD&TOT), Portsmouth, Americap, IRC PHRF Pursuit, high point, Cox-Sprague, Rinderle, Austrian.
Regatta Network Online Scoring

Web Based
Tested with IE7, IE8 &Mozilla Firefox

One Design, PHRF, Portsmouth, IRC, ORC
Regatta Scoring Solutions

Windows, Mac, OSx

One Design, PHRF TOD and TOT, IRC
Sail 100


PHRF, Portsmouth, IRC, TCF, CHS, PY,+/- Seconds, Time-On-Distance,  Progressive.


Portsmouth, PHRF, Others (in compliance except for DGM status)

St. Pete Scorer


One Design, Level Racing, Seperate modes for Opti's and Laer Masters  (in full compliance)
St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer


PHRF ,IRC and Portsmouth Scoring systems
Top Yacht


One Design Scoring, Portsmouth, PHRF Variants
ZW Sail Regatta


ORC (Club & International), SW Factor, Texel Rating, ISAF SCHRS, Portsmouth, PHRF, IRC 


  1. Most all DOS programs will run under 32 bit Windows 3.X, 95. 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or Vista, but do not require these operating systems.  Older DOS programs however will not run under some 64 bit operating systems. See individual reviews for specific information.
  2. The Race management Committee has developed a set of race results specifically intended to test scoring programs with a focus on tie breaking procedures. While every effort is being made to verify compliance there are enough variations possible that every one cannot be tested and therefore no gurantee of compliance is provided. Individuals involved in scoring are encouraged to review the latest version of The Racing Rules of Sailing. Unless nspecifically noted all programs listed here have tested to be in compliance with the current Racing Rules of Sailing.
  3. ISAF has a program called SAILOR ID. Some programs provide support for this program and the individual scoring review will identify those programs that support ISAF SAILOR ID.