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College Sailing Scoring Program

"Regatta Scoring Program" also known as "Navy Scoring Program"

(Version 3.92 dated 1/15/02)

(Last Review Date 7/2010)

Author: Mark Minotti

Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded from College Sailing web site as a 75K zip file.

Handicap Systems Supported: None. One design/level racing scoring only, but with features directly supporting college format racing.


  • DOS based

  • Runs on IBM compatible machines

  • Will not run on Windows 7, 64 bit operating system


Description: A relatively simple program that is DOS based and does not support a mouse, but does make extensive use of function keys. The program was first developed in 1989 and the author claims that "nearly every college is currently using it".  There are some unique features supported by this program that should be noted. It supports all ICSA (Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association) procedural rules. It also supports the multiple rotations common to college regattas. Results output  into a formatable text file that is compatible with college sailing Mailing Lists. Finishes are entered by sail number and tie-breaking is supported. A small DOS program with some especially good features for college (and high school) sailing.  

Ordering: Available through College Sailing web site.  Program is  provided at no charge.