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Hal's Race Results Mk2

(Version 11.12.08)

(Last Review Date 10-11-2011)

Author:  HAL@hopford.com
Hopford Associates Limited

Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded from the website.

Handicap Systems Supported: Portsmouth Yardstick, IRC, IRM, Small Cat, SBR, CYCA, ECHO and IHS, One Design


  • Installs from download: Requires that Microsoft.Net Framework v 2.0 be Installed (Comes with Windows 7 and can be added to other Windows versions, link on web site.)

  • Windows NT,  2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

  • Boats can belong to multiple racing classes

  • Can prepare HTML pages with results for immediate publication onto the Internet


Description:  The program is stand alone (used to be Microsoft Access based!) application designed to manage racing throughout an entire season.  Tasks are divided between Race Administrator and Race Officer roles.  The Race Administrator must set up all classes, boats, and races,  The Race Officer can then edit starting times for the races and enter results.  Result entries can either be made by typing or by point and click with the mouse.  The Race Administrator edits the race results for protests and prints or publishes the standings.  Web pages can be made directly from the report screen.    Users should understand the provisions of Appendix A before using this or any other scoring program. Note that the program includes the Portsmouth yardstick data. A very good user's manual is available on the web site.

Ordering: Program can be obtained for the HAL's Race Results Mk.2 web site. The program is free.  Services associated with the program are charged for.