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 Handicapping And One-Design Scoring Program

(Version 7.1.2)

Author: Sandy Grosvenor (newlogoMember)

Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded from "Java Score" web site.

Handicap Systems Supported: One Design, PHRF TOD & TOT, Portsmouth, MORC and CBYRA (Chesapeake Bay) Multihull. 


  • Java based program. Is downloaded as 3.4MB file. Program requires Java 5 also be present or installed. This program is free and can be linked to from Java Score web site.  A link is provided on he Java Score web site.
  • Program will run on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000 system as well as on Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, Unix and other Java-enabled platforms.



Description:  Program's heritage is the DOS based "Snipe" one design program used extensively by the Snipe class, especially in the Annapolis area. Version 3.0 has the major new feature of support for Fleets of classes and for Sub-divisions of classes.  Also new scoring systems and handicapping systems added: Snipe 2001-2004 system, PHRF Time on Time, Portsmouth, Dragon Ice Boat system.  See details on the new releases  here.  Program and JAVA program downloaded and installed without any problem. Program has ability to generate numerous reports for Race Committee use and of course results, including html formatted results for web site posting.   The program complies with the Racing Rules of Sailing. The program was tested and was in compliance with  Appendix A.   Version 4.0, released in June of 2003 focused  primarily on improvements for the handicapping side including making rating and division changes more reliable.  Divisions can now be split in an existing regatta. Version 5.1 fixed several bugs, including bugs in Snipe and Iceboat scoring, support olympic-path medal race scoring (ability to "weight" races and ability to flag a race as non-discardable).  Also improvements and bug fixes to splitting large classes into multiple sub-divisions for qualifying series. 

Do not let having to load JAVA on your computer interfere with your trying this program. The process is simple. There is some documentation with the program (Help Files), and the web site has a good amount of additional documentation.

Ordering: JavaScore is an Open Source project under the GNU General Public License, and it and the code for it are freely available for downloading from "JavaScore" web site.