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Regatta Scoring Solutions


(Version - 2.4.1 )


Author: Tom Fisher  (Author is newlogoMember)

Evaluation Copy Source: Author sent zipped version electronically to US SAILING for evaluation.  Program available on web site

Handicap Systems Supported: One Design Finish Position, PHRF Time-On-Distance, PHRF Time-On-Time, IRC, and  Portsmouth.


  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Windows 7
  • A MAC OS X version is also available.
  • Downloaded ZIP file is 5,482 KB in size


Description:  Program is downloaded as a zip or self extracting file. The program is run by executing the RSS.exe file. Nothing fancy here. The program is self documented and the web site contains additional documentation. It is easy to enter data, but it can be a little confusing after the last entry is entered. Care is required in applying scoring penalties in relationship to calculating final scores.  Unique sail numbers are required. Provisions are made for multiple divisions and classes.  Program currently supports one design finish position scoring and  PHRF Time-On-Distance scoring. Standard results output is easy, but a little limited. Results can be printed directly to html format for web posting.  Program is in cmpliance with The Racing Rules of Sailing and users should understand the provisions of Appendix A before using this or any other scoring program. 

Ordering: Software can be downloaded from web site. There is no charge for the software.