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St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer

Formerly "PHRF Corrected Time"


Author:Richard Alan Weaver, M.D. (newlogoMember)

Evaluation Copy Source: Request St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer

Handicap Systems Supported: PHRF Time-On-Time and Time-On-Distance, IRC, Portsmouth

Details: (Note: "PHRF Corrected Time" used for evaluation.)

  • Windows based program downloads as self installing file, 4,360KB

  • PC, Windows (XP and Windows 7, 64 bit tested)

  • StPeteTAS



Description:this is the commercial verion of the progrm previously reviewed and teted and includes automatic tie-breaking and additional features.  The program is very straight forward to use. The TOT portion allows for an adjustable "B" factor (the formulas used are standard and displayed for reference) and penalties are correctly handled. The print out is effective as illustrated above and results can be directly "printed" to an html file for web posting.

Ordering:  A 3 day trial version may be downloaded from the St. Pete Scorer web site. The full version is available foor on-line ordering at a cost of $30.