Race Officers


Victory Results

(Version 2.26 Demo)

(Last Review Date 7/2010, Note this is the same version available 4 years ago!)

Author: Victory Software

YRC - Yacht Racing Consultant
N-4887 Grimstad, Norway

Evaluation Copy Source: Author requested US SAILING download from YRC  web site for review. Usual download is from Victory Software site.

Handicap Systems Supported: ORC (Distance Based), LYS (similar to Portsmouth).


  • Requires at least Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP (Currnt Review update used Windows 7 to check program status and usability.)
  • Downloaded file is 2,610KB in size, base installation requires 4,095KB of space on hard drive


Description: Program is installed by running downloaded setup program. The installation program is really excellent permitting a lot of flexibility. The program is extremely well organized and the graphics are very good. Only a 4 boat demo version can be downloaded. A "key" has to be purchased to allow more than 4 boats. Like most European based programs the emphasis is on one design sailing. Events can include participant categories (women, youth, etc.) and five basic scoring systems are used, LYS (a time correction factor is applied to finish time), ORC (distance factor), Low Point, Bonus Points, YRC, High Point, and Dragon Gold Cup Bonus Points. Boat and participant information is maintained in a data base. A variety of tie breaking options can be selected.   Provisions for Z flag and other penalty situations are well provided for. Version 2.26 is in compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing (by editing the tie breaking sequence in Regatta Information) except for not having scoring code DGM.  There are over 22 reporting formats available including a multitude of html reports for direct to web publishing. The Victory web site is also very well done and contains much more information, screen shots, etc.  It is worth a visit.

Ordering: Software demo can be downloaded from Victory Software ANS. The key file for Victory is $US 350, and the key for the report editor is an additional $US 90. Ordering information, and additional contact information is available on the Victory web site.