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2006 Corpus Christi Yacht Club

2006 St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

Corpus Christi Yacht Club
For the 2006 J 80 Worlds Championship

From left to right - Corpus Christi Yacht Club Commodore Steve Hastings, Regatta Chair Teri Ficken, US SAILING Race Management Committee Chair, Jim Tichenor, and PRO Mark Foster

Race Management Committee Chairman, Jim Tichenor's Presentation Address:

Emblematic of excellence in race management, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy was awarded originally by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in the late 1960s to recognize the club which ran the best regatta. The trophy was retired for several years, and then donated to US SAILING in 1977. The winner is selected on the basis of race management superiority and evaluation by participating skippers.

This year's competition included entries from 19 clubs. Of these, three were past winners with two of them winning the trophy more than once.

Of the events considered, one was an International championship, two were World championship, one was a North American Championships and seven were a National championship. The list also included two entries from a U S SAILING championship.

Among the 19 events, 1151 boats competed in approximately 142 races with over 86 relocated marks. In addition, 708 competitor ballots were returned which is over a 62 percent return rate.

This year's recipient is being honored for its outstanding organization and execution of the 2006 J 80 Worlds Championship. 33 teams from 5 different nations raced in 10 races during the event. The competitors were asked to rate the race management with respect to reaction to wind changes, mark setting accuracy and setting of marks, response to change and safety considerations. They returned 33 ballots from the 33 boats entered.

Among the many comments from the competitors were "best regatta I have been to in several years", "great venue", "PRO and his crew put on an excellent regatta", "outstanding RC work, I wish all regattas were run as efficiently", "magnificent job", "excellent communication with competitors", "RC was one of the most race boat friendly and professional" and "very knowledgeable and adaptable." The protest committee report indicated no requests for regress.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the St. Petersburg Trophy for 2006 is presented to Corpus Christi Yacht Club. Accepting for the club is Steve Hastings, 2006 Commodore, Teri Ficken, Regatta Chairman and Mark Foster, Principal Race Officer.