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2010-Rochester Yacht Club-New York

2010 St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy Commendation

Emblematic of excellence in race management, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy was awarded originally by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in the late 1960s to recognize the club which ran the best regatta. The trophy was retired for several years, and then donated to US SAILING in 1977. The winner is selected on the basis of race management superiority and evaluation by participating skippers.

This year's recipient is being honored for its outstanding organization and execution of the Hospice Regattas National Championship from June 3 - 6 2010 in Rochester New York. This regatta was actually a multi-year commitment by the Yacht Club to host the National Championships in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

This involved the coordination between the National Hospice Regatta Alliance, the Rochester Yacht Club, Lifetime Care and Excellus/Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rochester.
Each of these organizations provided support and leadership to the regattas. But these are just organizations; the real efforts are the people behind each of these organizations. The leadership of the regatta are current or past board members of many of these organizations.

With the efforts of the President of National Hospice Regatta Alliance, Jean Kluttz, event PRO Wayne Bretsch, co-chairs of the regattas, Hank and Mary Stuart, John and Lauren Doyle,  the Commodores of the Rochester Yacht Club and also the many RYC members and volunteers the championship is an annual success, not only for Rochester, but for each of the 24 regional Hospice events that send their champion to Rochester.

Hospice Regattas have raised more than 14 million dollars since 1982 and have served people in need around the country. As we all know WE CANNOT DIRECT THE WIND, BUT WE CAN ADJUST THE SAILS.

The winner of the 2010 St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy is Rochester Yacht Club of Rochester, New York.  Accepting the award for the club is Vice Commodore Keith Burhans, and one of the four event chairs Hank Stuart.