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Rule 70.5(a) Application

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Name of Event?
Organizing Authority?
Host Club
First Day of Event (1st day of measurement or registration, whichever is first)
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Last Day of Racing?
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Does this Event Include a Qualifying Series:
If Yes, Please Describe:
Is this Event a Qualifier for a Subsequent Event(s)?
If Yes, please provide the following information for the FIRST TO OCCUR subsequent event.
Name of First to Occur Subsequent Event?
Date of First to Occur Subsequent Event? (1st day of measurement or registration, whichever is first):
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For the Event Relating to this Application, Please Provide the Following:
Protest Committee Members and Certification Level of Each (Int'l Judge, National Judge, Judge)
Protest Committee Chair:
Protest Committee Chair Cell Phone:
Protest Committee Chair E-mail Addr:
PRO E-mail Addr:
PRO Cell Phone:
Event Chair:
Event Chair E-mail Addr:
Event Chair Cell Phone:
Application Submitted By:
E-Mail Address:
Cell Phone:
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By submitting this request for permission, the Organizing Authority acknowledges that it has reviewed and agrees to comply with the PROCEDURES FOR OBTAINING PERMISSION TO DENY THE RIGHT OF APPEAL UNDER RULE 70.5(a).