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International Certifications

US Sailing Requirements for ISAF International Umpire Appointment

Candidates for initial appointment by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) as an International Umpire (IU) with a United States country designation must be nominated by US Sailing through a recommendation of the Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Umpires Committee. The US Sailing Application for Nomination Form may be requested by emailing raceadmin@ussailing.org.

Candidates for re-appointment may be reviewed by the Umpires Committee at ISAF’s request. 

In order to request a nomination from US Sailing for initial appointment as an International Umpire, a candidate must:

  • be a US Sailing National Umpire and US Sailing Judge or Senior Judge 
  • send a copy of their completed International Umpire application to US Sailing;
  • meet all of the requirements for International Umpire as described in the ISAF Regulations;
  • have at least three favorable references. At least one must be from a US Sailing Umpire Assessor, and at least one must be from an IU outside the United States with whom the candidate has served at major events within the past four years. All copies of the candidate' s ISAF references must also accompany the application.
  • have his/her principal place of residence in the United States;
  • accept ISAF "country" listing as the United States for service as an International Umpire.

If you need to contact US Sailing, please contact the Race Administration Office. raceadmin@ussailing.org

Process for Requesting Nomination for International Umpire

  • Upon request, US Sailing will forward an Application for Nomination form to the applicant and request contact information for references.
  • The US Sailing Application for Nomination Form for ISAF appointments, must be returned to US Sailing by June 1 for consideration at that year's ISAF Annual Meeting.
  • The Umpire Committee will contact the references named in the Application for Nomination and obtain from them confidential reference forms.  References will also be contacted by phone or in person.  Additional input may be received.
  • Applications that have been fully completed and received by US Sailing (including all required reference forms) will be reviewed by the Umpires Committee.  Their recommendations will be forwarded to the US Sailing Board of Directors for final approval.

For candidates receiving a US Sailing nomination, US Sailing will forward a letter of nomination on behalf of the candidate to ISAF.